One Proven Way of Installing Windows & Doors

We give ourselves a clear set of policies and procedures which govern how we set about our installations, this gives you peace of mind that we will do the best possible work for you. We call this the ‘Jack Brunsdon Way’; a modus operandi for every part of the installation process from the moment we arrive to the time we leave our client’s homes. Compiled in conjunction with our trusted installers, ‘The Way’ is a belief held by all members of the company.

Your installation is just around the corner, so it’s time to prepare for the big day! This guide has been carefully compiled using the accumulated knowledge and tried and tested procedures of our experienced installation team, so please take the time to read through it and prepare yourself, as well as your family and home, for the installation of your new windows/doors.

• Please ensure that you disconnect any alarms prior to the arrival of our Jack Brunsdon & Son installers to avoid any delay to your installation. This is because our fitters are not electricians, and cannot take responsibility for any damage that may happen as a result of trying to disconnect the system.
• Please remove all valuables from the room(s) where products are due to be installed. This is to ensure that they are not damaged during the installation procedure. Any items left in the installation area will be left at your own risk.
• All of our hardware is factory fitted to help prevent damage to the products on site, and achieve the highest standards for you. Therefore, you will need to make alternative arrangements if you wish to have alternative hardware installed.

• Appearances matter. Jack Brunsdon & Son installers keep their vans clean in and out at all times, and wear company workwear that is clean and tidy.
• Our operations team will always call you the night before an installation to confirm arrival times.
• Our installation team will arrive at your home from approx. 8am. If we are running late our operations team will call you to let you know.
• Jack Brunsdon & Son installers communicate clearly with you from the beginning.
When we arrive at your home, senior installers:
• Introduce the team to you
• Walk around the job with you and agree a clear programme of works
• Make careful note of any special requests and sensitive issues
• Agree where to park the van and store items awaiting installation

Meanwhile, assistant installers will:
• Prepare all installation areas. This involves covering everything in the room(s), including floors, furniture and heavy fixtures such as bookcases with dust sheets.
• Gardens, lawns and flowerbeds directly surrounding replacement items and flat roofs directly below any installation areas will be protected by dust sheets. 
• Prepare products for installation

• If your installation takes over a day then our installers will ask if they can erect a signboard.


• Jack Brunsdon & Son installers are trained to high standards and observe strict standards when fitting products.
• On larger projects, Jack Brunsdon & Son teams are experienced at working in multi-crew situations- A lead fitter will be nominated to ensure that finishing is consistent throughout the project.
• Jack Brunsdon & Son installers examine paperwork closely and follow surveyor’s instructions carefully at all times. Before commencing installation, our installers take time to:
• Measure and check every product to the survey paperwork
• Measure and check every product to the aperture in which it is to be fitted
• Existing windows and doors are removed with care to preserve the internal and external finish of your homes, where possible.
• In order to produce a high quality, authentic finish, our installers:
 Follow surveyor’s instructions regarding internal and external finishes.
 Make minimal use of finishing trims internally, favouring a ‘like-for-like’ finish using traditional materials, which help to maintain the aesthetics and integrity of your property.
 Use mitre joints instead of butt joints on trims to maintain a traditional appearance
 Complete any cement work using traditional methods and materials
 Never introduce a fixing through an aluminium door threshold, finding these unsightly and a weak point for the pooling and ingress of water.
 When items need to be cut on site they are cut precisely and neatly, sanded and fully decorated prior to fitting.
• We take special care when cutting back plaster lines, which can be a particularly dusty process. Therefore, our installers use an oscillating power tool to ensure consistent lines and minimal dust.
• When pointing or rendering our installers use a render tape at all times to protect the products and give neat, true lines.
• Every item we install is fitted plumb, level and square within the opening.
• As a general rule, Jack Brunsdon & Son installers only use foam for insulation not fixing. Instead, every item is fixed and secured with non-corroding, premium quality screws designed to resist expansion.
• The area surrounding the installation is made good afterwards ready for re-decoration (our installers don’t sand down or re-decorate).
• We pay particular attention to the removal, handling and disposal of glass.

• Jack Brunsdon & Son installers thoroughly clean all products leaving them in showroom condition. The installation area, including the area outside, is also cleaned and tidied.
• All products are fully demonstrated to you on handover, with the functionality of locks and hinges clearly explained and demonstrated. Particular attention is given to the handover of door and window keys, touch-up paint and anything else.
• Photos are taken by our installers of every job for our company records- these are not for public record
• If you are happy with your installation, please complete the sign-off document. One you have paid your remaining balance your guarantees and final paperwork will be posted out to you.


During the installation):
• If you are unhappy at any stage of the project, our installers will notify management.
• The Jack Brunsdon & Son management team will work efficiently to resolve any difficulties with the shortest possible delay and discomfort to you.
After the installation:
 We operate a comprehensive warranty service. Therefore, in the unlikely event that an issue arises with your product, please contact your local showroom manager, who will be more than happy to arrange for one of our service engineers to visit you. The details of your local showroom can be found on the Jack Brunsdon website:

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