Blur the lines between house and garden with Jack Brunsdon & Son’s beautiful collection of garden doors

Outdoor living has always held a certain captivating appeal, perhaps because it’s not often we get to indulge in it!  It’s little wonder then that homeowners are frequently seeking to break down barriers between home and garden.  That consquently, the simple addition of doors, that fold, slide or otherwise disappear to provide full access to the outside area, is increasing in popularity.

A staple for more than a decade, folding or sliding doors – otherwise known as bi-fold doors, are a prevailing lifestyle choice.  Providing an opening of 95% when open, bi-folds, with careful design, can incorporate a low lying track to provide a completely unobstructed walkway. Meanwhile, stainless steel wheels ensure smooth operation whilst high security hinges and locking mechanisms increase home security.  

Jack Brunsdon & Son’s timber and thermally enhanced aluminimum bi-fold doors are available with up to nine panels and can span areas up to seven metres, stacking inside or outside the room.  They can be finished in virtually any shade, including close matching to the Farrow & Ball paint range, as well as single and dual colour options to truly create synergy with your home’s style.  The aluminimum doors come with black gaskets and seals  making them perfect for the minimal urban environment and homeowners who prefer a more modern masculine look.  Meanwhile the wooden options come with light grey spacers and clear sealant providing a softer look for a more homely, relaxed and feminime feel.  Prices from £7,500 for a 3 metre bi-folding door (timber option).

If a 95% clear opening isn’t good enough and homeowners are wishing to remove the wall completely, then Jack Brunsdon & Son’s ‘disappearing door’ could be the answer!  This imaginative concept creates a stunning architectural feature while maintaining excellent weathering, insulation and security.  With a ‘disappearing door’ the expanse of glass effectively disappears into a specially designed ‘pocket’ to provide a 100% clear opening!  A ‘flush’ track between inside and outside means a minimal step too.  Manufactered up to three metres wide and 2.4 metres high they allow for a vast glazed area to let the light really flood in!  Prices from £5,000 for a 3 metre door (timber option)

Jack Brunsdon & Son also offers a range of beautiful and elegant French doors, available in Redwood, Traditional Oak and Hardwood, traditional or contemporary styles.  Prices from £5,000 for a 2 metre door

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