We naturally gravitate to the garden during the summer months, when barbecues and outdoor dining are among the most popular ways to entertain. But the autumn also offers lots of outdoor opportunities, such as enjoying evenings around a roaring fire pit.

More and more homeowners are looking to take down the barriers between home and garden with doors that fold, slide or otherwise disappear to provide full and easy access to the outdoor space.

Folding or sliding doors – otherwise known as bi-fold doors – have been popular for a while and are a great choice for those looking for an opening that is 95% clear, particularly because, with careful design, a low-lying track may also be used to provide a completely unobstructed walkway.

Many want to go that bit further, though, and want more than a 95% clear opening. If this is the case then the Jack Brunsdon & Son ‘disappearing door’ provides the perfect solution.

This imaginative concept creates a stunning architectural feature while also maintaining excellent weathering, insulation and security.

Both options offer the opportunity to create a space that works brilliantly and offers a seamless transition between the in and the out. Perfect for the lovely weather we’re all hoping for this summer. 

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