Now spring is here my thoughts invariably turn to holidays by the sea. After a long grey winter, all I want to do is to lie on a beach listening to the sound of the waves as I eat an ice cream or two.

Unfortunately, beach holidays are over as soon as they’ve begun. Which is why I rather love the fact that coastal style is a perennial favourite in the interiors magazines. It’s always lovely to see a house done up as if it’s by the sea – even if it is very firmly inland.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to the inside – when it comes to using coastal colours it can work just as well on the exterior of a house.

This lovely house in Surrey is a perfect case in point. The blue wooden windows from Jack Brunsdon have a quintessentially seaside feel when used against a crisp white.

Despite the fact the house is nowhere near the coast, just looking at the two shades used together makes me feel as relaxed as if I were paddling in a warm sea.

So, wherever you live, you can add a touch of coastal style either inside or out – even if it’s just with a few seaside-inspired cushions. And even if it’s pouring down outside you can enjoy a tiny bit of that holiday feeling! 

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