That touch of authenticity

When you buy windows and doors from Jack Brunsdon, you’re buying into the heritage and craftsmanship that’s been built upon more than 50 years of knowledge and practice in the arts of joinery and carpentry.

For our customers, buying traditional wooden windows and doors that are made conscientiously and compliment the design and era of their home is a decision not taken lightly. It’s a financial and ethical investment in their property, ensuring it retains its design integrity for years to come, something we know Jack would have totally approved of.

Taking care of the woodwork, so that it braves the harshest of elements and continues to look pristine is therefore of the utmost importance. To reach these exacting requirements, all of our windows and doors are painted with up to four coats of high quality paint in a standard 30% low gloss finish; or a 60% gloss finish can be chosen instead, to add a richer shine, for a little extra cost. You can even choose to have the outside painted a different colour to the interior.

But…what if you’re looking for the ultimate standard in painted windows and doors. A hand-brushed finish is an extra option for our discerning customers who require further fine detailing. This traditional painting method requires much patience and attention and costs a little more. By hand painting sections of a door in a specific order and layering the paint with a light touch, subtle brush marks are visible on the finished piece for that touch of authenticity. This option is also available for windows and uses our standard 30% gloss paint.


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