New-build homes can be hugely practical and offer many benefits. They have been designed with the way we live today in mind, so often work seamlessly when compared with older houses.

Many, though, simply do not have the character and personality of an older house and – while they might appeal to the brain – they don’t necessarily make the heart beat faster.

The before picture of this house is a perfect case in point. On a small development of just three homes, it has perfect proportions and was in many respects the ideal property for its new owner. The only drawback was that he just couldn’t stand the cheap, white plastic windows the developer had installed.

He bought it once the build had been completed, but decided to change the windows before he moved in, choosing timber windows and doors from Jack Brunsdon & Son.

While it may seem as if he were paying twice, it actually makes sound financial sense. The original windows and doors were so cheap they would have made very little impact on the purchasing price and the new windows and doors the owner installed will have immediately added value to the property of at least their cost.

The external colour chosen for the new windows and doors is Oxford Clay, which looks fantastic with the stylish Samuel Heath fittings in bronze. Internally, they are finished in a soft off-white, which works perfectly with the neutral theme of the décor inside. 

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