How long have you been with Jack Brunsdon?
I joined late in 2014.


What does the role entail?
Most of my job involves talking about the company and its products. I explain about the family background and the history of the company and how it has progressed over the last 51 years. I put across the quality of the product range and then customers generally want to find out more, so I visit them at home, measure up and then prepare a quotation. 
Often a customer will make an appointment in the showroom when I’m not there, so the first time I meet them will be at their house. 


What’s the best bit?
I really enjoy seeing all the different types of houses I visit and meeting lots of interesting people from many walks of life. I try to establish a good rapport with customers straight away and it’s lovely to see how a house can be transformed with the right windows and doors from Jack Brunsdon & Son. I enjoy advising customers on which design and colour options would work best on their style of property. Finally, seeing the transformation achieved after installation gives me great job satisfaction


What is your favourite book?
I tend to read magazines rather than books, due to time playing golf and various activities.  I do read the odd reference book if I'm traveling to a country I haven't been to before. 


If you weren’t doing this what would you be?
Travelling the world seeing as many cultures as I can. 


What is your favourite film?
I’m not hugely into films, but I do like a good Bond film. On TV,  it's really only sport I watch, especially Formula 1, golf, cricket and rugby. 


What would you choose for your desert island meal?
Paella with seafood. I make it at home. I enjoy cooking, but my partner cooks in first class for British Airways and her father was a captain in the British army catering corp. He even cooked for the Queen several times, so the competition is stiff. 


Which is your favourite Jack Brunsdon product?
Timber sash windows and the stunning designs of timber doors. 


What is your funniest/best work story?
I haven’t been here long enough yet, but I work with a cracking team I can rely on to make me laugh when things get a bit tough, especially Paul Davidson who could be a part-time stand-up comedian!

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