Open the doors to summer!

More and more homeowners are looking to blur the barriers between home and garden with doors that fold, slide or otherwise disappear to provide full and easy access to the outdoor space. We naturally gravitate to the garden during the summer months, when barbecues and outdoor dining are among the most popular ways to entertain.

Bi-fold doors by Jack Brunsdon and Son

Bi-fold doors are the perfect way for you to create space, let fresh air in and give your home some natural daylight by being able to open up an entire wall of your home. The biggest advantage of bi-fold doors is their ability to create a complete opening with sleek, elegant frames, which truly bring the outside in.

Bi-fold doors by Jack Brunsdon and Son

A Bi-fold door can have anything between two to five panels that are connected to hinges and attached with rollers at the top or bottom which offer an almost effortless movement. The Bi-fold doors also allow you to have a traffic door that opens like a standard entrance door, allowing continued use of the bi-fold throughout the colder months without having to operate all the panels of the door.

Patio sliding doors have become a must-have feature in many homes, they will transform a room into an inviting space that becomes a gateway to the outside. The sliding door opens right back to let the natural light and fresh air into the house, creating space that flows from the inside of the house right out to the garden. Maximise the view and let the light in, with more room for glass creating more of a seamless view of the garden, this in turn means that sliding patio doors significantly increase the natural intake of light into your living space.

Patio doors by Jack Brunsdon and Son

Patio doors by Jack Brunsdon and Son

French doors speak class and elegance to any home. Just by looking at them, they give off an elegant feel that is very attractive to most people. Since there is a lot of glass involved, they let in a lot of light that adds warmth to the interior of the home. They are also practical since in letting in a lot of light, you can save energy as well. They have a certain appeal that is not just simple, but also eye-catching.

French doors by Jack Brunsdon and Son

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