Update your home for Spring with the NEW 2018 Pantone colour palette

Why not bring your home up to date for 2018 with one of the many Pantone colours set to be making waves next year!  From warm and discreet neautrals to playful vibrant brights, nature inspired hues to glamourous metallics, order a new door or windows from Jack Brunsdon and we can colour match to any shade you wish! 

Create a warm welcome to your home with  Heart Wood. Described as ‘a warm, neautral tone with a hint of heather’, Dulux’s Pantone Colour of the Year is designed with harmony and comfort in mind.  Inspired by beautifully warm wooden materials it reflects the recent trend towards warmer, light and dark shades of wood. 

If you like to make a statement then opt for a playful, charismatic and lively bright such as Minion Yellow, Lime Popsicle, Green Flash or Blue Skydiver.  They are sure to bring a smile to all that knock at your door!

Pink continues it’s rise to stardom with more discrete colours such as Elderberry, Burnished Lilac and Hawthorne Rose predicted to be big.  These subtle shades invoke thoughts of nostaglia making them ideal for country cottages and period townhouses alike! 


The pink theme continues in the far-fetched palette where rosy tones sit alongside other warm, earthy hues such as Cornsilk Yellow, Ruby Wine and Iced Coffee. Influenced by our increasingly connected diverse world and filled with multi-cultural references this spectrum of colours celebrates creativity and originality bringing warmth and light in to the home. 

Developing on from 2017’s Greenery trend are a wealth of nature inspired hues such as Celery, Robin’s Egg Bue and Berry Purple. It’s a charming yet versatile palette which would work well on both windows and doors. In particular Robin’s Egg Blue is great for re-creating the coastal look.


Bold, intense and beautiful, you just can’t avoid looking at Pantone’s Resourceful colour palette of complementary warm and cool tones of blue and orange.  If you are a little scared of such vivid colours then why not try adding a few accessories here and there! 

Metallics are ‘the new neutrals’ and are perfect for bringing a bit of glam to your interiors or combining with accents of Holly Berry red and yellow Sulphur for added drama!  It’s all about accessorising here – think gold coffee tables, pendant lights and vintage vases all set against a neutral background and combined with natural textures to keep the look down to earth.

Bright turquoise, pink and purple hues, offset by Brilliant White and Frosted Almond form the Technique palette and are a nod to our ever-technologised world!  It’s fun, it’s loud, and it’s uber-bright so not for the faint-hearted but would look great as a feature wall, a statement piece of furniture or even on a front door if you are feeling brave!  Alternatively, play it safe and just buy a new duvet colour! 

Cool shades of plum, blue and blue-green are balanced out by blazes of orange Emberglow, Liquid Magma and Bossa Nova to offer an intense, powerful and deeply sophisticated look.  Finish with accents of gold and black.

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